Cook in your own style

Kitchens are unique spaces in every home. With careful planning and design, they become not only the “heart of the home” but also specific areas in which functionality and aesthetics meet. New design trends enable us to shape kitchens as attention-worthy spaces, which become carriers of home design and reflect the styles of our clients.

When creating kitchens in which the overall design of a home culminates, we use various styles and materials that enable us to make a unique interior architecture, Whether the clients’ style is minimalistic, ornamented French style, colourful modern style, boho or rustic Mediterranean style, we combine materials, textures, geometry and accents, to put the favourite rooms of our clients on the pedestal (sometimes even literally).

Kitchen as an integral part of an open floor plan design

Kitchen design plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious ambience in spaces with open floor plans. The boundaries between areas become more fluid, and that’s why kitchens play the role of accented and framed views, in which the continuity of style is highlighted.

In homes with an open floor plan, we predominantly use two approaches to make kitchens stand out. In one approach, we define kitchens as bold visual accents of space with characteristic colours or geometry, whilst in the other we use an island or a counter as a design feature which enables transcending from living room to kitchen ambience in the manner of simultaneously separating and connecting two spaces. In both ways, the views toward the kitchen remain undisturbed, the boundaries between areas are dissolved, and the kitchen becomes a part of the overall space of socialization.

By using these two approaches in kitchen design, we create spaces that are aesthetically uniform and fully functional. Adapted to modern life, our kitchens are the spaces where culinary activities merge with family gatherings.

In open-plan spaces, the geometry of the kitchen is often shaped to emphasize the direction of movement or to open the living area towards the exterior. By introducing unexpected details such as curved surfaces of elements into kitchens of modern design, they become carriers of the continuity of visual expression of the entire space, in which unexpected detail creates a visual accent and emphasizes the microambiences of the kitchen.

Design of a separate kitchen

While an open plan provides a variety of opportunities to permeate the views, contents, and functions of the space, some clients prefer the kitchen to be a separate space. In this case, we approach the separation of the kitchen in a flexible way, by setting a moving boundary, which allows the use of the kitchen either as an integral part of the living area or as a separate ambience, according to the wishes of the user.

Glass doors in the design allow us the continuity of the visual expression offered by the open plan, so the kitchen becomes a visual accent, which with glass doors creates the ambience of a showcased exhibit. In French-style interiors, the glass doors between the kitchen and the rest of the space represent a contemporary citation of traditional double doors, while the transparency allows for the view of plaster ornaments and reliefs on kitchen elements as carriers of the French style of the entire interior. In this way, although separate, the kitchen becomes a place where the design creates a culmination of visual expression of a style that clients gladly choose.

Kitchen as an artistic-sculptural accent

As places where functionality and design intertwine, our kitchens often become particularly emphasized areas which have almost sculptural value in the interior, and using different textures and materials become their own art pieces.

To achieve this impression, when designing, we most often use kitchen islands in stone textures, which on the one hand introduce materials from nature into the interior, and on the other hand allow the creation of monolithic and bold kitchen structures, in which a contrast between the front of kitchen cabinets and the island as an independent cubic volume that enters a wider space is created.

Using the basic principles of creating visual harmony, in our design we use surface, line and dotted elements, which establish ambiental harmony. Therefore, along with wooden and stone textures, modern metal accents appear, introducing a completely contemporary and unexpected detail, and creating a visual balance or directing the view throughout the space.

In creating kitchens of pronounced visual value, as an element of the interior, we often use views towards the exterior, which become specially designed frames that connect the interior and exterior space. Using the windows and exterior as an accent in design, we articulate the volume of the kitchen space around the view. When it comes to larger openings at full height, kitchen cabinets are articulated as specially designed window frames, making the exterior a dynamic background for the interior. In smaller kitchen spaces, the windows are highlighted with colour, so that the exterior becomes a framed image that achieves its own artistic value within our design.

Kitchens for family gatherings

Food preparation, dining and family gatherings make the kitchen the “heart of the house”. Therefore, our kitchens are designed to invite gatherings and entertain guests, around the kitchen island or bar, or around the dining table whose position we often determine in such a way as to enable communication with the kitchen. With this articulation of space, cooking becomes a social event, and kitchens surpass their primary purpose and in a specially designed ambience become places for the whole family.