A new angle of the Mediterranean landscape

In the process of designing luxury villas in the cities of the Mediterranean, it is of particular importance to find an architectural expression that introduces new and unusual forms into the landscape. Looking for inspiration in contemporary everyday life, in the project of a villa in Zadar, we created a unique encounter of natural materials and micro-ambiences with modern geometry.

We always want to bring something new into every project with a Pujo signature. In this interior, we confidently play with forms, opposing both shapes and styles and thus creating completely new, humorous combinations that visually dynamize the surface. The surfaces are filled with sandy paints that pay homage to the surrounding rocks.

The central motive for creating striking architecture in a well-known environment was the creation of a volume that transforms the entire spectrum of sensations and spatial experiences offered by the Mediterranean context – into a modern designer expression. In this regard, we have designed an introverted spatial structure, which at the level of a single plot, allows users the sensations of the entire coast.

Starting from the privacy of the villa, we approached the design of the object through the articulation of views and creating a pleasant shadow, so the shape of the object is characterized by calm flat surfaces, on the one hand, intersected by glass strokes that let light into the interior of the building, and on the other – by leaning the entire volume of the upper floor towards the yard. With this leaning overhang, we have achieved a double effect of shaping the object – functional, in creating a shadow and canopy in the seating zone next to the object, or aesthetically – striking in the introduction of skewed geometry and corners into a typical Mediterranean landscape.

The creation of an introvert complex was achieved by shaping the fence of the plot as a wall inspired by the traditional architecture of the environment, which, with subtle stucco, builds on the façade of the building and creates a tucked-in, intimate space for the family. The distance of the building from the different edges of the plot and the fence opened the possibility for the creation of different micro-ambiences, which create private spaces of pleasure and introspection with landscape elements such as gravel, rocks and different vegetation.

The courtyard behind the building, of a characteristic depth, was used to create a space for gathering and socializing, in which two central points appear – the water surface of the pool and the seating area, which is defined by the plunge of the surface into the ground, thus creating another intimate space for conversation. By finishing the seating area with stone, a functional-landscape structure is created that communicates with the water surface of the pool and becomes an integral part of the architecturally defined micro-landscape on the plot.

Materials used in the exterior are repeated in the interior of the villa, so the use of travertine as floor and wall coverings in all rooms contributes to a creation of a continuous visual whole. Opposed to the natural shade of stone, accents in copper tones appear in the interior, which introduce modern material into the object and give it a timeless look.

Special attention in the interior is paid to the creation of sculptural elements, so the spiral staircase of minimalist copper profiles stands out as one of the symbolic motifs of the entire project, representing a visual and functional connection not only of floors but also of natural and artificial materials.

Guided by the value that design spaces give to the building itself, we have created the ambiences of the living area as comfortable spaces with specially designed furniture, but also with integrated art installations that define the character of the wall surfaces. Both in the design of furniture and gathering spaces, a stone platform motif appears, which adds monumentality to the interior.

The opening of the view towards the exterior from the bedrooms is designed by placing windows on the very corner of the room, whereby a continuous view of the two sides is opened. Special emphasis on the view and enabling its tangibleness in the interior was achieved by placing a stone with a striking texture as a wall accent, thus introducing the element from the natural environment as a detail of the interior space.

While on the one hand, the ambience of the bedrooms is dominated by a framed view of nature and the Adriatic Sea, the architecture of these most private zones of the villa does not lack uniquely designed functional elements, such as wardrobes and built-in workbench that establish their own visual hierarchy in the room, along with subtly skewed wall surfaces, complementing the framed view and the interior to each other with the use of different shades, colours and textures.

The space for food preparation and dining occupies a central position in the space and emphasizes family gatherings as a value in the use of modern spaces. To emphasize the ambience of the kitchen in the open plan, its surfaces are dominated by a copper tone on the fronts of the cabinets and kitchen island, which is subtly transferred through the space to the whole of the dining room in the form of wall coverings and striking lighting.

In the architecture of the family gathering space within the villa in Zadar, by choosing pieces of furniture and lighting, but also by emphasizing the dynamics of the space through the alternation of vertical window surfaces, wall reliefs and copper coverings, we have created a vibrant whole that anticipates socializing in an unusual, inspiring ambience.

The special quality of this introverted Mediterranean villa is reflected in the creation of a spa zone with an exercise area on the lower floor of the building, which is finished with materials – creating a modernly designed private cave. The cave within the home combines the experience of natural pockets and grottos between the Adriatic rocks – with the experience of luxury spa centres.

By introducing ambient lighting and smooth surfaces to the space, the design elaborates motifs of acoustic and visual sensations, which create a completely soothing spatial experience. Building on to the design motifs from the rest of the villa, the motif of the edges is repeated at the underground spa floor, and due to the flexible character of the purpose of the space­ –is brought to the maximum visual expression.

The artistic character of the angles in emphasizing the architectural values of the villa used to visually connect smaller units in the exercise zone, culminates in the motif of a natural stone in the display case. This way, the natural element is exhibited and raised to a level of an art piece. Through the treatment with copper lighting and glass – like a work of art – the natural stone symbolizes the importance of the entire Adriatic architecture for this object.

By creating a total design space of the villa inspired by the Mediterranean, we had the opportunity to elaborate and interconnect all the elements – from landscaping, through the façade, to the smallest detail in the interior. It is precisely in this kind of process, in which a space is created and equipped through a single process – a unique design expression is created that gives the building a unique strikingness and memorability, precisely in the way we intended.