dia. Biljana Turanjanin Pujo, Aana Ilić mast.diz, Staša Petrović m.arch.
Milan Vasev dipl.arch , Sara Karas m.arch, Oksana Čolić

Accommodating the users’ needs for glamourous living space and combining them with contemporary trends in residential architecture and interior design were the starting guidelines for this project. In the design process, it was of key importance to turn the everyday functionality needs into a luxurious appearance.

Introducing glamourous details to contemporary residential structures requires careful choice of materials, patterns and geometry that gives a cosy feeling of home, as well as the high-end design solutions. The approach to designing this apartment came from the functional structure of the space, where the areas were precisely determined in order to decompose their borders and achieve an open plan with as many different zones as possible.

Sophisticated apartment in the hart of Belgrade.