The sophisticated interiors we create are vibrant with comfort, luxury and functionality, and as such they withstand the test of time.

Each interior project is as unique as each client. Our refined living spaces are adapted to individual dreams, wishes and style of life of every customer respectively. Exquisite detailing and close cooperation with clients lead to breath-taking interior designs, designs that are multi-layered and carefully adjusted to their needs and finances.

Our Story

The bureau was founded in 1996 out of a need to be independent, creative and distinctive. We have always wanted to have one of the best companies for interior designs in the Balkan region, to design quality spaces and cooperate with leading experts and craftsmen.

Reference list

  • Hacienda in Macva (Sabac), Serbia
  • Villa Mediteraneo from 1903
  • Villa in Vozdovac (Belgrade), Serbia
  • Interior designs of over 250 apartments and commercial properties in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and further
  • Interior designs of over 20 luxury houses and penthouses

1st step – Interview

The key to success of every project lies in the fact that the interior is an authentic reflection of clients’ requests and wishes. During a detailed interview we try to find out more about how the clients want to use the space, more about their personal style, way of life and habits.

2nd step – Design concept

We develop design concept of the given space through interpretation of the detailed project task. This represents the essential and the most important step in process of designing. It consists of a unique idea where aesthetics comes from solving the function of the space.

3rd step – A detailed project

After clients adopt the design concept, we start the phase of working out the drawings and making a detailed design. We draw the plans for subcontractors including drawings for performance of construction and finishing works and manufacture of furniture.

4th step – Realisation

We present the schedule of upcoming works and coordinate the dynamics. After all requests have been fulfilled on the spot, the works commence and our coordinators of project and designers attend regular meetings on the construction site to ensure that our projects are executed according to the exact specification, and that project advances as planned.