Designer hotel as an authentic meeting place with another culture

Hotel spaces, in addition to their basic functions as places to stay during vacations, also provide the opportunity to be experienced as the first points of interaction with the culture of the visited region. Just like unique spaces infused with the meaning of the local environment, hotels become microcosms where the design incorporates the entire surroundings to make the stay more memorable.

In our architecture, hotel design seamlessly integrates luxury and the specific features of the environment, whether it involves seeking architecture that will best enable enjoyment of the Mediterranean, the shimmering sea, and the movement of waves, or creating a sense of blending with wooded landscapes by sculpting an architectural structure within a forest. Our work extends to designs that, through architectural and design language, acquaint visitors with the culture, traditions, and unique aspects of the destination.

From the demand for luxurious accommodations to the design of an authentic experience

The design process of our heritage hotel in Montenegro began by getting to know the client’s requirements as well as the characteristics of the location. Starting with a luxurious design that exudes spaciousness, different functional zones, and modern materials, we decided to take it a step further by infusing the space with the genius loci through specially designed motifs.

For inspiration in this distinctive approach, which sets apart simple accommodation from a unique travel experience, we turned to the culture and tradition of Montenegro, its material and immaterial heritage. Key motifs were identified in the vibrant colours of traditional costumes, their geometry, textures, and fabrics, as well as the specific design detail of the craftsmanship of the gold embroidery. By transforming these motifs into a contemporary architectural expression, we created a space that not only meets the client’s requirements but also establishes a striking ambience enriched with elements of the local identity.


Straying from the expected solutions for hotel spaces, we utilized the concept of integrating heritage into the design to pave the way for creating an artistic design narrative in the space. In doing so, the hotel becomes connected to its cultural environment while simultaneously becoming a visually striking marketing brand.


By combining luxurious hotel architecture with inspiration drawn from heritage, we interpreted the distinctive motif of the traditional costume – a vivid red vest “jelek” – in the structure of the headboard of the bed. Through the geometrization of the vest and the introduction of the red colour into the room’s interior, in addition to echoing the heritage, we achieved a focal element that becomes the accent and a point of directing the visitor’s gaze. As a tribute to the completeness of the costume, we complemented this interpretation of the vest with textiles in light turquoise tones, translating them from the traditional costume to the elements of curtains in the interior.

The solution is in the unexpected…

Guided by the principle of creating unique interiors, our projects feature golden details as modern luxury accents. In this hotel project, we articulated these details by referencing traditional gold embroidery, “weaving” the details into wall panels to connect contemporary design with heritage.

Actuality of the topic

As the third detail in translating the specific character of the region into the architectural language, we adopted the figure of a woman as the “pillar of society,” stylizing her to become not only a symbol in the interior but also such a prominent detail that it serves as a signature of the space and a carrier of the hotel’s visual identity. The particular significance of the visual interpretation of the woman as the “pillar of society” is reflected in tying the hotel’s design to current social themes focused on notable women and the valorization of their role in Montenegro’s identity.

Through a geometrized two-dimensional depiction of the woman on specially designed wallpapers, we interpreted different periods of the region’s history – from Byzantine and medieval influences translated into a two-dimensional figure resembling fresco painting, to geometry and colour we used to pay homage to contemporary cultural heritage of Montenegro.

Great potential for further implementation

In this manner, through an almost avant-garde approach to a heritage motif, we created a remarkable design element with great potential for further application, both through the female figure in the bedrooms and through the male figure in motion, inspired by traditional dance, which is featured in the area of the conference room.

Positioned as the culmination of the peaceful horizontal stroke along the bed’s wall and characterized by elements of various motifs from cultural heritage treated with contemporary geometric shapes, the futuristic depiction of a woman in different variations becomes a symbol of the hotel where the past, present, and future interweave. With details of arches in the pattern of the wall panels and golden accents, we introduced elements of our firm’s distinctive signature into this interplay of heritage and the contemporary moment.

In addition to visually appealing elements, the room is characterized by complete functionality reflected in subtle zoning. Articulating the space based on individual user needs, we designed a dynamic front wall of the room. This front starts with a full-height storage piece, simultaneously distinguishing the entrance zone with the entrance to the bathroom from the rest of the space.

The vertical mass of the wardrobe gradually transforms into the space of a mini bar with a full lower element. Toward the window, the design becomes visually and functionally lighter with a desk articulated by a thin linear surface, subtly accentuating the daytime zone of the room. Above this unit, the wallpapers become more restrained in visual expression, while in the hotel corridors, they transition to predominantly beige with intricate gold inlay details.

Not the expected, generic solution

Through an innovative approach to both the material and immaterial heritage of the location, we have created a fusion of the past, present, and future, providing an authentic experience. By designing the space in harmony with the spirit of the place, we have crafted a striking architecture that becomes a point of interaction for visitors with the destination. In this luxurious environment for staying and relaxing, one can experience the most remarkable elements of the broader cultural surroundings.